How To

How to Write a Will

Why Do You Need a Will?

Are you going to provide for your family as you would wish
do you want everything to be decided by the rules of intestacy?(see our rules of Intestacy email, above)
Is your husband or wife going to have to sell the family home if you die?
This can be avoided simply by writing a Will.
How will your property and possessions be distributed – will it be to the people you want and in the way you want?
Do you know if your family will have to pay Inheritance Tax – do you know how this can be reduced or even avoided?
Will your children or grandchildren be looked after as you would have wished -have guardians been appointed for them?
Who will carry out your instructions if you die who would you like to act as your trustees?
What will it cost your family if you name a bank or solicitor as an executor?
Are there any special gifts to go to friends or are there favourite charities you have always supported?
Do you want to be buried or cremated do you have any special instructions or wishes for your funeral?
If you run a business, will your family or partners be allowed to carry on without you? How can you make sure they will still be able to obtain an income from your work?
Put an end to uncertainty.
Give your family the security of knowing you have written a legally valid Will. Make sure that your wishes are carried out as you have arranged.
Here’s the elements that make up a Will:

The person making the Will – You! The term is Testatorix for females

Any one specifically inheriting any item or your estate.

The person(s) you select to read and carry out the instructions of your Will. Can be a professional person but doesn’t have to be as again the job can be straightforward.

Two completely independent witnesses who will verify that your signature is yours on the final document. This will make the Will legally valid.

And there you have it!

A Legally Valid Will

We Assure You That it really is that Simple to writing a will

The only other elements are involved are: specific instructions such as, specific gifts to individuals, any people you may wish to exclude and burial preferences and that really is it

If, however there is something that you are unsure about, drop me an email at with your questions and I will get straight back to you.

Neil Mercer is a Consultant with STE Associates Ltd and is Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Services Authority