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How To Speak German Basics Reviewed

German is one of the most popular professional languages in the world. It has also set a record of the third most learned languages across the world. While you may now ask How to Speak German, the answer is simple. Go for some online courses generally these courses offer you audio and video lessons which can be proved very-very helpful to you. These courses are of two types paid courses and free courses you can choose any of them according to your budget.

The very first step to learn and speak any language is that you should get acquainted to the sound of the language. Know how it is pronounced exactly and how it is written, what is the real accent. And if you want to take keen interest in speaking German try to enjoy everything that you do to learn this language. Buy a German pocket phrasebook start reading words and their meaning.

Getting your self an audio course is an excellent way to familiarize your self with the spoken language. Let these words saved in your mind. Learn as many words as you can. Practice, practice and more practice your German speaking skills. Go to some places where German is spoken like malls, restaurant, beaches, go for some shopping bargain with the shopkeeper if bargaining is not your style or your habit just do it to learn to speak German.

Try to make more and more friends who are aware that you are learning German so that when you talk to them they talk to you slowly so that u can easily understand what they want to say. This will make you mature enough to relate the language with your native language. Then you’ll be able to find the similarities and differences to your own language.

You must be aware that both English and German descend from the same language, also known as Proto-German.

So many words are exactly the same in English and German like:

English- (German) – (Pronunciation)
April – (April) – (a.pril)
August – (August) – (ow.gust)
Baby – (baby) – (
Photography – (fotografie) – (
Alcohol – (alcohol) – (al.ko.hawl)
Arm – (arm) – (arm)
Cricket – (kriket) – (kri.ket)
Mango – (mango) – (mang.go)

And many words are quite similar to English like:

English- (German) – (Pronunciation)
Coffee – (kaffees) – (ka.fay)
Foto – (Foto) – (
Place – (platz) – (plats)
Tea – (tee) – (tay)
We – (wir) – (veer)

In German, use of prminently pronounced ‘C’ is substituted with a ‘K’, as in the word: Corrupt written as Korrupt (ko.rupt). Similarly the English ‘ph’ is written as ‘f’: telephone book = Telefon buch (te.lefaun bookh).