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How to Create Great Content for your Website

One of the hardest things about creating a new website, is creating the content that you know the search engines love and are looking for. You may have already started creating pages for your site but here are some ideas for creating more quality content.

One of the hardest things can be to create related content on those pages.

Link Metro allows you to swap related articles thus creating immediate, quality content. Search engines like content – they like to see several hundred words on each page. This is a quick and easy way of creating it for your new site.
Using Link Metro is easy and simple and gets you good links quickly.

<>Ezine Articles are also a great way to get free content. You can search for articles related to your content and then use the “Ezine Publisher” to copy the HTML directly into your site.

If you can start with between four and five pages about your chosen subject you’ll be doing well. You might wish to include a few photos – if you don’t have any clipart or photos that come with your computer – you may wish to look at “I Stock Photos”. For just $1 per photo you can get good quality photos on just about every subject without worrying about copyright.

Remember that the best way to eat an elephant is just one bite at a time. So don’t get overwhelmed at the thought of building pages of content.

Depending on how much time you have, set yourself a target of one page a day, one page a week, etc – something which you can achieve. As long as you keep building pages, the search engines are going to keep coming back to your site, finding it more relevant to your subject and rating it higher in the results.

When creating content, try and use your keywords in the title, near the top of the page and close to the bottom of the page.

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