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How to Build a Volcano

If you are looking to keep your kids engaged on a holiday, here’s how. Teach them how to make a volcano. The results can be messy so be prepared to do the cleaning up once the volcano erupts. But you have the kids to help you out too. So you should look forward to some fun and excitement this afternoon.

If you have some play dough at home or you can buy from the store. You can make your own salt dough by mixing the play dough well. This will form the outer part of the volcano. You could also use a paper Mache technique which will make it stronger.

Get a soda bottle, 2 oz. and place in at the base. Build the volcano structure around the soda bottle. Be careful not to get any dirt at the mouth of the bottle. Mix a cup of water and dirt and then funnel it into the mouth of the bottle. Then pour some vinegar in. Stand back to watch the fun! Your volcano is made and you have made a big mess of things. But the children are happy, aren’t they? And they clap in glee!
For a tip, you can decorate the exterior of the volcano if you wish to. But make sure it is dry before the eruption takes place. You can try adding diet coke and mint toffee to the vinegar to boost the eruption.

This messy thing is best done outdoor or in the kitchen where you can clean the floor properly. Warning, you have to go back as you start pouring the vinegar as the volcano will start erupting immediately.

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