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How To Be Psychic

I had an interesting experience recently in being “psychic” and perhaps it can add to your influencial power.

First, let me say that whenever I do a “psychic” experiment I’m always ready to be wrong, and it happens at times. What I’ve found is that people will completely forget the times you missed in a reading and over emphasize the times you got a “hit”. It’s just one of the well known facts of psychic cold reading.

Okay, that said, here if what transpired.

I was speaking to a physical trainer about hypnosis and after some rapport building and resolving her curiosity about hypnosis I said “Could I do an experiment with you?”

JK: “Think of your birthday. Don’t tell me, just think of it. Repeat it again and again in your mind. Is it 1987?”

Her: “That’s close.” she said “It’s 1978.”[The truth is I was guessing her age at 28 and it subtracted the dates wrong! Keep in mind for her it was a hit!]

JK: I paused thinking… “Okay, you had birthday recently. Last month?”

Her: “Yes”.

JK: Okay, the date will be harder. Is it the 28th?

Her: No. It’s the 13th. How did you do that?

JK: Well, I’ll practice with people. Because you don’t know until you test it and I’m willing to be wrong. For example I’ll go up to a store clerk and ask “Do you know someone named Marcia?” [I paused] No, wait. It’s Maria, isn’t it? [I leaned forward and raised my eye brows]

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Her: I do know someone named Maria. I’ve been thinking about her recently too.

JK: …and she’s married isn’t she?

Her: Yes, she got married.

JK: …and that was when you [I braught my hands together and then seperated them symbolizing a split.]

Her: [Jaw dropping] How did you know!!! [Giving me a high five.]

She expained how Maria’s husband felt threatened with his new brides single friends and forced the split.

Okay, a good portion of that as guessing and trusting my intuition but keep in mind that I was wrong more than right.

So, you’ll ask, how did I do that?

A deep understanding of cold reading skills, basic observation, and good guessing.

First, inspite of my bad math I assumed she was about 28. She still considered the reversed digits 87 and 78 “close”.

How did I know she had a birthday last month? I didn’t. It was a good guess. Had I missed it completely I would have stopped right there and it would have faded from her memory.

But I was right on the month. I had a one in twelve chance of getting it right and I used my best guess. So I pressed on to guess the date and missed. Before I guessed the date I prefaced it by saying “This will be a lot harder.” making any mistake more excusable. That was a good thing because I got it wrong.

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My guessing of her friends name Maria was, in fact, about me talking to a store clerk. And I already know that female names beginning with M-A-R are very common. The girl also had a New York accent and looked Italian so a catholic name would get me even closer.

The realization of the split between her and Maria comes from my understanding of how many female relationships work out. First, the woman I was talking with seemed single, no ring on her hand. Most women her age and in her peer group will be married by that age. Also, it’s very common that when new romances start (and marriges) old girl-girl relationships take a back seat and often fall to the way side. I phrased that understanding (using my hand gestures) in such a way that she could fill in her own meaning.

Now, had any of my guessing been wrong. No problem. I shrug it off as if it was an interesting experiment.

Anyway, If you’re interested in being able to do this process yourself. I’ve encluded “The Black Book of Cold Reading” as one of the special bonuses in “Perfected Mind Control”.

Check it out.

JK Ellis